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About Us

CodeTek Studios, Inc. corporate information:

CodeTek Studios, Inc., a privately held company, was founded in November 2001.

To build reliable software that enhances the user's productivity and protects the user's privacy on the user's computer.

CodeTek Studios provides several key productivity applications and privacy protection applications for the Mac OS X platform. CodeTek directs its software to individuals, businesses, educational institutions, scientific groups, Macintosh User Groups, and service providers. CodeTek is the leading provider of virtual desktop software for the Mac OS X platform. CodeTek's software has been sold to customers worldwide throughout the Macintosh community.

CodeTek uses innovative technology in the development of its programs.

CodeTek is currently building CTVD 4, which will run on PowerPCs running later versions of Tiger and MacIntels running Leopard. This new version will be a universal binaries version. We will also be Upgrading DockExtender to a universal binaries version in the near future.

Customer Support and Service
CodeTek provides prompt product support free of charge to its customers.

Executive Officers
William M. Goldstein, CEO

Corporate Offices
CodeTek's corporate offices are located in Champaign, Illinois.

CodeTek VirtualDesktop, DockExtender, SafeClean, SafeFile and SafeShred are trademarks of CodeTek Studios, Inc and are registered in some jurisdictions.

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