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  • The following known bugs have been fixed:
    • Crash using sub rosa cipherdisk.
    • Crash with prefs on tiger.
    • Not working with firefox/thunderbird.
    • Switch to desktop of foremost window doesn't work. Inversely, switching desktop doesn't switch to the app with the foremost window on that desktop.
    • Pager staying on top.

  • Pager ToolTips have been reworked to mimic the appearance of the Dock's information display. This will prevent the ToolTips from obscuring the mini-windows in the pager.
  • The application list in the Preferences window can now be reordered by dragging the application names in the list.
  • Custom backgrounds for virtual desktops can now be configured to display in the following ways: "Crop to fit", "Scale proportionally to fit", "Stretch (non-proportional)", "Center", and "Tile".
  • Fixed a problem where quitting and restarting X11 caused CTVD Pro to become non-responsive

  • The association of the "last active application" for a virtual desktop has been improved.
  • Focus follows mouse will no longer trigger an unwanted switch of virtual desktops when an application has windows on more than one virtual desktop.
  • Focus follows mouse will no longer focus a new window unless the mouse is moved into a new window. If a new window is created, focus follows mouse will no longer obscure that window by immediately focusing the window under the mouse pointer.
  • We have fixed a problem that caused some application windows, particularly Finder windows, to become sticky when CodeTek VirtualDesktop started up.
  • We have eliminated a case where CodeTek VirtualDesktop Pro could continue processing information unnecessarily, which led to extra CPU usage.
  • We have eliminated a possible crash involving certain X11 applications. This crash was generally associated with GTK+ 2.x executables but may have affected other applications as well.
  • We have fixed a problem with iconic X11 windows not being displayed properly.
  •'s address selection window now stays with the composition window when it moves to another virtual desktop.
  • We fixed a situation that caused some windows of the Eclipse application to be forced to the first desktop.
  • A drag of a mini-window in the pager from one inactive virtual desktop to another inactive virtual desktop will no longer take focus from the pager when it is at normal window level.
  • iPhoto Buddy's tip window, Thunderbird's "first time startup" window and other sheet windows no longer disappear.
  • We have corrected some broken figure references in the user's manual.
  • CodeTek VirtualDesktop "Magic" windows no longer appear in the DragThing's process dock.
  • Fixed problems with X11 windows jumping around when moved via the pager with some multi-monitor configurations.
  • A possible installer crash involving a corrupted "Times" font installed with HP printer drivers has been eliminated.

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