CodeTek VirtualDesktop 3.x Features Lite Pro info*
Full support for X11 n
Full support for Expose n
Up to 100 virtual desktops  
Support for skins  
The ability to give each desktop a name  
Tooltips display information in pager n
Contextual menus in pager to control windows n
Menu bar menu to access VirtualDesktop desktops and windows  
Feature to automatically launch VirtualDesktop at login n
Configurable HotKeys for accessing VirtualDesktop features  
Configurable HotKeys for switching between desktops  
The ability to turn off individual HotKeys n
Remote control of VirtualDesktop through AppleScript and Cocoa n
New HotKey that displays window list at mouse pointer location n
Automatic locking of pager to edge of screen n
Autohide feature for pager n
Automatically restore window positions on startup  
Desktop switching using mouse  
Feature to have VirtualDesktop only use the main monitor. All windows on other monitors are "sticky". n
Setting of custom background wallpaper for each virtual desktop i
Focus follows mouse support i
Configurability of desktop switching pop-up background, text, and dissolve speed i
Configure opacity of pager  
Configure type of tooltip information displayed n
Configure font of tooltips n
Configure whether icon, or desktop names display in menu bar  
Configure menu bar font  
Configure default startup virtual desktop  
Per application configurations for virtual desktop behavior i

* n = new in 3.x     i = improved in 3.x