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FAQ's About CodeTek
Who is CodeTek Studios?
CodeTek Studios is a software development company that develops and sells Mac OS X software.

Why should I buy software from CodeTek?
2 reasons, Return on Investment (ROI) and Service:
  1. Our software is reasonably priced, improves your computer’s productivity, and gives you a better Return On the Investment you have made in your Apple hardware.
  2. After we build a software program we service that program for so long as we sell it. And, when you buy any of our products, updates are always free.

Can I use CodeTek's software on my Windows operating systems?
No. Our software applications are currently built to only run on Mac OS X.

Can I use CodeTek's software on any earlier Mac OS platforms?
No. Our CTVD 4 application will only run on Mac OS X 10.4 and OS X 10.5. CTVD no longer supports earlier versions of Mac OS X. DockExtender currently only runs on 10.3.x or earlier. Our SafeData applications will only run on OS X 10.4.9 and earlier.

What categories of software does CodeTek build and sell?
At the current time, CodeTek builds and sells software in 2 main categories:
  1. Productivity Application Software
  2. Privacy Protection Software

Check out our products at:

What is “Productivity Application Software”?
Productivity Application Software is just a fancy way of describing software that is designed to help you get more productivity from your computer.

What is “Privacy Protection Software”?
Privacy Protection Software is software that is designed to protect the privacy of your data on your computer and the privacy of your actions on the Internet.

Check out our Downloads Page at:

Does CodeTek sell any of its programs on CD-ROM?
No, not at this time. Currently, all of CodeTek's programs are only available by download from CodeTek's Web Site,

How do I get my registration code?
Once you complete your purchase on our shopping cart, you will see a confirmation screen displaying the registration code. You will also receive an e-mail from CodeTek with your registration code included for the particular program you have purchased.

What if I have lost my registration code--How do I get a copy of my registration code?
CodeTek maintains a database of information (and that information is NEVER sold or given out to any other company or third party). Simply e-mail us at and please include your name and VeriSign order ID number, (the VeriSign order ID number begins with a "V"), and the name of the product. We will e-mail you a copy of your registration code.

How can I contact CodeTek?
You can send us your feedback by e-mailing us at or if you are in the United States or Canada, you can telephone us at 1(217) 355-6550 and leave a voice mail.

I like what CodeTek is doing as a Mac OS X developer. How can I support CodeTek?
  1. Please buy our software
  2. Please recommend our products to your friends and colleagues
  3. Please post your reviews of our products to Version Tracker or to CNET or to any chat room or Web Site that you think is appropriate. Word of mouth recommendations are a big help.

I have problems with your software. Do you respond to negative feedback?
We believe that negative feedback (reasonable complaints) about our products is productive for us. We believe in continuous improvement, so any feedback we receive, positive or negative, helps us to improve our products.

How do I find out when CodeTek releases a new product or an Update or upgrade for an existing product?
Sign up for our CodeTekNEWS newsletter, and you will be kept posted on new products, product updates or Upgrades or Beta tests.

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