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Store Your Documents Securely and Safely

Securing your files has never been easier on Mac OS X . Use SafeFile to open a virtual Safe by creating a password, and then simply drag and drop sensitive files inside that Safe. Only you can access the files with the Safe's password. When you need to work on a file, simply drag the file out of the Safe. SafeFile uses strong encryption to prevent other users, including administrators, from viewing the files stored in your Safes. And, since SafeFile uses the familiar look and feel of Mac OS X's Finder, you won't need to spend extra time learning to use another program.
(NOTE: Once you have created a Safe, you can only open that Safe with the password you have created. We recommend that you keep a list of passwords for your Safes.)

Ease of Use
Ease of Use SafeFile is easy to use. You use SafeFile just as you use Finder. Once you have created a virtual Safe, to secure a file, simply drag it from Finder and drop it in your Safe. When you want to open a file, drag it out of the Safe. For even faster access to your files, double click a file to open that file in its default application.

Multiple Safes

Multiple Safes
SafeFile allows you to create an unlimited number of Safes. If you have a multi-user Mac, you can create Safes for each family member on your Mac at home, for every user at work, or for every network user on an LAN. Or, you can create a separate Safe for different types or categories of files, depending on how you want to organize your files. The choices are entirely up to you.

Flexible Options
Modify SafeFile's preferences and your workflow won't skip a beat. You can choose which columns to display, set the size of the text and icon, and select custom feedback sounds. You can also modify SafeFile's behavior by specifing its drag and drop, double-click behavior, and the default Safe.

SafeData Technology Suite

SafeData Technology
SafeFile is one of three programs in the SafeData Technology Suite. The Suite includes SafeClean, SafeFile and SafeShred. To fully protect your privacy on your Mac, buy the full Suite, and save 33% or buy any two SafeData Technology products and get the third one Free!

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for SafeFile.
Price: $25.00
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Download SafeFile DOWNLOAD SafeFile 2.1.2
Requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later
Size: 1.6 MB
Click here for update history

If you currently have Safes created with any previous version of SafeFile (including any beta versions), you must remove the contents of those Safes before you install SafeFile 2.1. Safes created with previous versions of SafeFile are not compatible with SafeFile 2.1. Please follow the procedure below to preserve data from existing Safes:
  1. Launch your current version of SafeFile.
  2. Drag the files out of your Safes.
  3. Quit SafeFile.
  4. Install SafeFile 2.1.
  5. Launch SafeFile.
  6. Verify that you are running version 2.1 of SafeFile by checking the "About SafeFile" menu item.
  7. Create new Safes.
  8. Drag your files into your new Safes.
  9. Place the old Safes in the trash.
If you have any questions, please email us at

Provides password-protected "Safes" that use strong encryption to store your files, making them unreadable to other users
Allows you to create an unlimited number of Safes, each Safe with its own password
Highly configurable to fit your workflow
Uses Finder's familiar look and feel for easy use

SafeFile No matter what security precautions you take to guard your computer against unauthorized access, other people still could access your sensitive files. SafeFile's strong encryption protects your files from prying eyes.

Here are some of the reasons why you need SafeFile:
Secure: Keeps other users from reading your files
Simple: Drag and drop files just as you would in Finder
Configurable: Modify SafeFile's behavior to match your workflow
Try it for yourself:
Click here to obtain a 15-day
demo registration key

Purchase a registration key
for SafeFile.
Price: $25.00
Buy Now
Try it Click here for a free fully functional 15-day demo registration key.

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