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  • Corrects Safes which have been accidently locked and/or have had their permissions changes which prevents the proper use of the Safe.

  • Repairs the permissions of safes if the permissions have been changed.

  • Fixed problems regarding safe passwords

  • Fixed bugs related to options where items would be shredded or deleted when encrypted or decrypted
  • Fixed bug in dragging where a file could be mistakenly used instead of intended file.
  • Added default sounds
  • Fixed bug in the display of sound file name
  • Fixed bug in the preferences of sounds
  • Fixed bugs in Decrypting and Shredding files when a conflict occurred

  • Support for shredding has been added into the safe. When a file is moved out of the safe or deleted, its contents are shredded. The SafeFile preference pane has been extended to allow the level of shredding to be modified.
  • Support for contextual menu's are now in SafeFile. Control clicking on an entry brings up a contextual menu that allows deletion, renaming, and quick launching of a file in the safe.
  • Support for QuickLaunch (which allows a file to be automatically copied to the desktop and opened with its corresponding program). This speeds up accessing your own files for modification. When you are done working with the file, simply copy it back into the safe.

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