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June 9, 2008.

CTVD POWERPC USERS: CodeTek Studios is very pleased to announce the release of CTVD 4.0b1, our new beta for PowerPC users running Tiger. If you are using a PowerPC, you can download and test CTVD 4.0b1 from our Beta page by clicking on the "Beta Testing" tab at the top of this Home page.

PLEASE NOTE: CTVD 4.0b1 will expire on July 8, 2008. If we have not released CTVD 4 final by July 8, 2008, you will have to download the latest beta version of CTVD 4 to continue to test CTVD 4.

The universal Registration KEY for CTVD 4.0b1 PowerPC - Tiger is: KSLQ-SSGR-5MG4-UQ3T-PKTA-LUML No Registration ID is required for the CTVD 4.0b versions.

Please report any bugs or other problems to us at

Within the next few days, we will release a separate CTVD 4.0b1 beta for MacIntel users running Tiger. Unfortunately, our development team is still resolving some issues with CTVD 4 and Leopard, but they expect to have the CTVD 4.0b1 for Leopard ready next week. Please check back to this blog for any current beta release information for CTVD 4.0b1 for MacIntel and CTVD 4.0b1 for Leopard.

We will post any known issues as users report bugs here on our Home page.

FYI, the latest version of DockExtender works with PowerPCs running Mac OS X 10.4.4 and lower, but does not work with higher versions of Tiger or MacIntels.

Please note that with the release of CTVD 4, we will no longer support CTVD Lite. Any User who is registered for CTVD Lite should email us at and we will send you a CTVD Pro 3.2 license at no additional charge. You will then be able to Upgrade to CTVD 4 when CTVD 4 final is released.

Finally, with the release of CTVD 4 final, we will no longer support our earlier versions of CTVD. If you are using an earlier version of CTVD 2.x.x, you may Upgrade to CTVD Pro 3.2 by going to and follow the CTVD Pro 3.2 Upgrade path. The current version of CTVD 3.2 runs with Mac OS X 4.8 and lower.

We look forward to hearing from you as you test CTVD 4.0b. Thank you for your patience and your support!

We offer special discounts for Educational Institutions, School Districts and Government Agencies. Please contact us at for discount information.

CTVD 3.x Upgrade information

CTVD Pro 3.2
DockExtender 3.1.3
SafeClean 2.4.1
SafeFile 2.1.2
SafeShred 2.1.12
SafeData Suite 2.0.3

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