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  • Our SafeShred product line has been simplified. SafeShred is now available in two forms only, SafeShred Free and SafeShred Pro.

  • Properly displays progress window when calculating amount left to be shredded. This corrects conditions where SafeShred appeared to hang.

  • Fixed registration issue where registration was denied even when entering correct information. You do not need to update if you have already registered SafeShred Pro or Extreme using the new 24-digit key.

  • Fixed bug that prevented SafeShred from running on Mac OS X 10.1.5 (only)

  • Fixed bug that caused SafeShred Default shredding pattern to be chosen regardless of preference setting
  • Added ability to shred free disk space and shred entire volumes when system has been booted from a CD
  • Added two new shred patterns: all 1's and all 0's
  • Added ability for SafeShred Xtreme users to shred up to 20 times (SafeShred Pro users can still shred at 10 times and SafeShred Free users can only shred up to 3 times)

  • Made slight improvements in shredding speed when many small files are shredded
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of shredding progress when many small files are shredded
  • Made many visual improvements to Status panel

  • Fixed bug where registration key would be invalidated after six checks

  • Dramatically improved shredding speed
  • Eliminated resource exhaustion which led to crashes when shredding free disk space

  • Fixes numerous crashes in shredding files

  • Fixed hangs which can occur in lengthy shredding operations
  • Fixed small memory leak
  • Fixed shredding problem with resource forks which can lead to file icon recovery

  • The "phone home" feature has been removed

  • Fixed -42 error where system resources would become exhausted
  • Fixed -45 error where locked files would prevent shredding
  • Fixed SafeShred hangs when shredding multiple items
  • Fixed Shredding Free Disk Space hangs and exhaustion of system resources

  • Added Filename Mangling to Xtreme
    ("Filename Mangling" renames the file to random characters before shredding. This further confuses any efforts to obtain information from shredded files)
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed hang in Shredding Free Diskspace on boot volumes
  • Fixed -47 error message in shredding Free Diskspace
  • Fixed -5000 error message for shredding locked files
  • Improved shredding responsiveness to user intervention
  • Improved performance to reduce file size during shredding process to prevent exhaustion of system resources during lengthy shredding sessions
  • Improved shredding progress reporting

  • Properly shreds free disk space on boot volumes

  • Added new "shredding progress window" that shows progress of the shredding process
  • Added ability for the user to cancel shredding operations
  • Improved shredding speed and program performance
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug where resource forks of files were not being shredded
  • Fixed all known crashes and lock-ups

  • SafeShred 1.2 uses a new algorithm for traversing through files that you would like shredded that removes them more efficiently
  • SafeShred 1.2 now displays a status window to inform you of its progress while the file is being shredded

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