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A $75 value for only $50!

For those who highly value their privacy on Mac OS X, we offer the SafeData Technology Suite™. With SafeClean™, you can permanently delete web browser cache files and histories, chat logs, and sent & marked-for-deletion emails. SafeShred™ Pro allows you to permanently delete files & folders, shred entire drives and even shred files you've already Trashed. SafeFile™ allows you to create password protected virtual Safes that encrypt and store sensitive documents on your computer. Storing files in your Safes is as easy as "drag-and-drop".

Your Internet activities are your own business, but each time you use an Internet application, you leave a trail. SafeClean protects your Internet privacy by permanently removing cached web pages, browser histories, logs of chat conversations and the emails that you've sent or marked for deletion.

Securely protecting your sensitive files has never been easier. With SafeFile, you create a password and then you simply drop those files inside the virtual "Safe". Access is available only with the Safe's ppassword. When you need to work on a file, simply drag it out of the Safe. SafeFile uses strong encryption to prevent other users, including any administrator, from viewing the files you have in the Safe. SafeFile is a great program for multi-user Macs.

Dragging your personal files into the Trash is not enough; those files still exist somewhere on your computer's hard drive. To completely remove files, you need to shred them with SafeShred Pro. SafeShred Pro allows you to permanently delete files & folders, shred free disk space, and entire drives and shred entire volumes.

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Price: $50

Download the SafeData Suite DOWNLOAD AND TRY
SafeData Suite 2.0.3

Requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later
Size: 3 MB
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SafeClean: Permanently delete web browser cache files and histories, chat logs, and sent & marked-for-deletion emails
SafeShred Pro: Shred files, folders, trash, free disk space, and entire volumes
SafeFile: Create password-protected "Safes" that use strong encryption to store files, making them unreadable to other users

SafeDataSuiteThe SafeData Technology Suite protects your entire system from storage to cleaning to shredding.
By purchasing the SafeData Suite, you are getting the protection of three products for the price of two.

Purchase a registration key for SafeData Technology Suite online.
Price: $50
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