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  • Added SafeShred Pro 2.1.12

  • SafeFile 2.1.2:
    • Corrects Safes which have been accidently locked and/or have had their permissions changes which prevents the proper use of the Safe.

  • SafeShred 2.1.11:
    • Properly displays progress window when calculating amount left to be shredded. This corrects conditions where SafeShred appeared to hang.
  • SafeFile 2.1.1:
    • Repairs the permissions of safes if the permissions have been changed.

  • SafeClean 2.2.3:
    • Fixed progress bar to more accurately reflect cleaning progress

  • SafeClean 2.2.2:
    • Corrected calculation of "disk space cleaned"

  • SafeClean 2.2.1:
    • Added support for Apple's new Safari web browser
    • Fixed bug where some of Internet Explorer's cache was not being cleaned

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